My mission is to bring clarity to complex topics, in particular religion and spirituality, science and philosophy, politics, economics and related social issues.  I believe there is a great deal of “noise” available on these topics that misleads the public and prevents growth.  I believe humanity will be well served by a deep understanding of the world in which we live, and our nature as spiritual beings.  When this is done we can then apply what we know to other subjects such as politics, economics, business, various social issues and so forth.  I have a particular interest in early Christianity, due heavily to my own religious upbringing.  Hence I publish quite a number of lengthy posts relating to Christian origins, as I believe there is much development still to come in this field in the coming years.

At present I believe that ideological factions are preventing humanity from reaching obvious conclusions on these topics, due to the natural human tendency to define ourselves by our beliefs, and then to twist and turn in our attempts at holding ground when presented with evidence and reason that refutes our presumptions and beliefs.  In my work I look at various opinions and arguments and offer my readers a way through the maze of conflicting ideas, by highlighting the bare facts at the heart of various debates.  Hence, we can resolve these issues and move forward, and attempt to heal the collective human psyche and build a brighter future.

I would suggest that readers who are new to my work view the -101 documents in the different categories (when published) to get a quick summary of my views on different topics before reading specific articles.  Also, please note that I have a strict policy in regards to comments, and am checking comments before publishing.  Comments need to be relatively brief and concise, polite and on topic.  I do not mind critiques as long as they are short and respectful.  I am not looking to get pulled into endless debating with critics, so if you wish to attempt to refute my views please publish an article on your own site and let me know, and I will attempt to respond.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just had a read of your bibliographical test. Absolutely riveting stuff. Very accurate in historical terms and very well argued.
    Domenic Liistro


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